RCI Roofing is  pleased to let you know that your property qualifies for 100% financing with No Money Down with YGrene! Your municipality has opted into the State of Florida’s Property Assessed Clean Energy Program for home-improvements.

The replacement of your roof is included in the list of home improvements available with this program.

Thousands of Florida homeowners have already taken advantage of this program. We are proud to have assisted hundreds of Dade and Broward County homeowners navigate this program in getting their roof replaced.

Three unique features available with this program:

  • No credit score qualification
  • No income verification
  • Financing terms up to 20 years

At RCI Roofing we understand that even if a roof replacement is financed over 20 years there is still an expense that must be budgeted. For this reason, we are very proud of our track record in helping homeowners offset this expense by tax deductions and energy cost savings.

In many cases, we have been able to create savings that are greater than the cost of the new roof.