We specialize in Residential roofing, such as tile, shingle, and waterproofing. Our residential roofing services include a variety of products that provide quality roofing system. When it comes to residential roofing, our experienced team will walk you through the process of choosing the best material. RCI Roofing offers high quality material with affordable prices and energy-saving features. Our technicians are experienced and will provide the best roof installation. We ensure that your roof is durable and of superior class.


​At RCI Roofing, we perform all roof repairs, roof replacements (“re-roof”) and waterproofing. Unfriendly weather conditions can effect roofing systems for a certain period of time. Our qualified technicians at RCI Roofing can help you avoid probable damage on your roofing system. The roof of your home is your shield, and we want to make sure you’re protected from everything at all times. Our technicians are highly experienced and fully licensed and insured. We guarantee quality work and 100% customer satisfaction. With our reliable customer service at RCI Roofing, rest assure that you can count on us.

Roofing Products